Coat-of Arms
Embroidered Coat-of-Arms On the page you can see the embroidered  seals of Georgian Kings and Noble Families. I made it from 2000 to 2009. Georgia is the ancient Christian country with its historical-cultural heritage. In 2000 I began working on historical theme. By advice of professor of TSU Niko Javakhishvili. Tbilisi State University History Department and Georgian Genealogical Society helped me to realize this project. History, Heraldic and embroidery art are united in my works. I have embroidered a series of Coat-of-Arms of Georgian Kings and Nobles. It embraces 87 works. I have had six personal art shows and they had quite big responds from people, which family Coat-of-Arms I’ve embroider and from Georgian Media. The idea was to create the ever-existing heraldic exhibition-museum. As I know such type of museum doesn’t exist anywhere. Also on this page you can see an embroidered Coat-of Arm of USA (Embroidery size 10x10 inch) and the personal Coat-of Arm of President of Georgia (Flag size 70x35 inch) All these embroidery works are handmade. Please, enjoy and give me a feedback with your comments and wishes on the contact page